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Learning is my biggest motivator.

Senior Software Engineer working on designing, developing, and deploying scalable cross-platform software for the large enterprise fleet at Google (Linux, Mac, and Windows).

With a decade+ of experience in IT, my primary areas of focus are Go, Python, PowerShell, automation, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, imaging/provisioning, configuration management, and championing SRE practices.

Previously worked on the WinOps SRE team at Google, helping maintain our open source Windows imaging tool called Glazier and BeyondCorp imaging utility called Fresnel.

I ❤️ open source. I aim to work entirely on open-source projects both professionally and personally.


When I think about what truly makes me happy — it’s travel.

At 22, I set the goal of traveling to 30 countries before turning 30. At 22, I’d only been to 1 country outside the US. By 26, I traveled to 29 countries in 4 years, and hit my goal well ahead of time. Onwards to experiencing more cultures—maybe 40 countries before 40?

Puppy 🐶

Here’s my puppy Eevee and her namesake; Feel free to reach out for more pictures :)

Eevee EeveePokemon

Last Name

Your last name is really long, how do I pronounce it?


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